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It’s been a busy week for me as I step into my duties into my duties with the Trek Federation. Thankfully the spring Tornado Season has been somewhat quiet and hopefully that will continue into the upcoming Hurricane Season.

I figured that even though it is the end of March that would at least give you all a monthly status report of the department and how thing are progressing. First I am working closely with Federation Council and GEO’s to establish some communication and dialogue. We have to acknowledge that we have a pretty big area to cover and we need to develop a program that benefits the Chapters and members.

Over the last week we’ve acknowledged a few things.

A way for Federation members to get official certifications. There are a lot of programs out there and at the same time we as an organization do not need to contribute to the level of confusion. So we’ll create courses to assist with members their certification. They will be works of fan fiction but they will have information for member to springboard to official sites to get the latest information from the correct sites in the United States.

We are making them fan fiction at this time because of the issue of liability to the organization. Creating them as fan fiction means we are not seeking to create the certification ourselves.

I am working with the International GEO to see about getting information on similar services from around the globe. This way our programs are Federation-wide. They will be part of the Academy as well. After all we can at the very least create practice tests for the real ones that have to be taken with certification courses.

Each country has different ways of doing things so it will be interesting to see how similar and in some cases how different each takes its approach to disaster recovery.

One of the things that was stressed to me from our President was the need to have Damage Relief Specialists (DRS) in their respective zones who will work with their GEO’s. I would like very much by the beginning of May 2018 to have at least the United States covered. In talking with International GEO he will probably look a few to address the other countries/continents that he is overlooking.

At the very least the beginnings of some brainstorming sessions on our goals and what we need to do to meet them.

So if you are interested please let me contact me at rallen@ or contact in our Spacebook Group.

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