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The Federation Approaches 3 Million Seti@Home Credits

Launched in 2013, The Federation’s team of researchers for Seti@Home have used their computers to scour signals from radio telescopes for possible signals from far-off life.  At the time of this writing, The Federation Seti Team celebrates 2,890,691 credits with more being added everyday.


In the past 7 years of searching, a number of possible catches have been made by Federation computers for the scientists at Berkeley to check into.


Want to be a part of the search?  Check out our Seti@Home team page HERE.  Download the Seti@Home software, join the TrekFederation team and allow your computer to search the signals in the background or when you’re not actively using your machine.


Who knows?  Perhaps you will help contact a strange new world…and catch a signal from a new life…new civilization.

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