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The Federation Celebrates 33 Years!

How old was James T. Kirk when he took command of the Enterprise?  33!  Tonight we’re gonna party like is 2265!nnOn this day 33 years ago, “Star Trek

: The Search for Spock” premiered.  Also on that day, June 1, 1984, Federation Chief Consultant Gene Roddenberry commissioned The Federation!nnOur organization has achieved so much in those 33 years.  Moments of pride.  Moments of history.  Even moments of sorrow.  From launching the first chapter behind what used to be called “The Iron Curtain” to being the first organization designed as an official Toys For Tots affiliate by the US Marines, to being the first organization of its type to become active in humanitarian and disaster relief The Federation changed the face of fandom and continues to lead the way to real-life Trek adventure.nnWhen Gene Roddenberry commissioned The Federation, he gave us the mission of “go places and help people.”  For our 33 years, Federation members and chapters around the world have worked to help those in need in their local areas and have teamed together to send relief to victims of disaster around the world.  Gene envisioned our organization to grow to reach the stature of (his examples) The Salvation Army and The Peace Corps.  We still have a way to go to reach that stature, but we’re surely on the correct path.  All Federation members should be very proud.

nnCelebrate, fellow Federation members.  Thirty-three years down and 3 centuries to go and beyond….

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