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Federation World Headquarters Complex Unveiled

After a number of drastic increases in the Federation’s outreach, it’s time again for another bold leap.nnWe are honored to announce the intent to move our world headquarters and Starbase One into a new, large complex.  The space at 501 Cleveland Road, West, in Huron, Ohio, has enough space and is already constructed perfectly to house our offices, storage areas for humanitarian supplies, museum, ODYSY Radio studio and Starbase One, the retail center that replaces our Starbase Columbus shop in Ohio’s capital.  The space will also be the headquarters offices to other locally-run charities like Everyone’s Mom, an organization devoted to feeding school-age children who are unable to attend school due to the pandemic, thus missing out on school meals.nnA big part of the complex is a large conference room that can host special events, meetings, diversity seminars, blood drives and much more.nn”We hope to be open by November 1st, in time for holiday travelers and shoppers,” states Russ Haslage, co-founder of The Federation.  “This facility will allow us to broaden our outreach and help more and more people in need.  To do that, we need to raise funds and selling merchandise helps us do that.  Thanks to Cyrano Jones, Proprietor of Starbase One, we have some pretty cool items.”nnRead more about and see concept photos of the new Federation HQ Complex on THIS PAGE.nn

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