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CLEVELAND, OH, USA, March 5, 2024 / -- IdentifySensors Biologics, a leading developer of digital diagnostic technologies, has partnered with The International Federation of Trekkers – a nonprofit organization based on the ideals of Gene Roddenberry as depicted in Star Trek television shows and movies.

The Federation sought interest in IdentifySensors for developing a breakthrough diagnostic product that has been likened to the Tricorder – a fictional diagnostic tool used in Star Trek to instantly identify illnesses.

“This technology, which we fictionalized more than 50 years ago, is becoming reality,” said William Shatner, a former Star Trek actor and current IdentifySensors advisor. “This technology will change the world.”

IdentifySensors has developed graphene-based, solid-state biosensors intended to electronically detect multiple infections simultaneously from a single saliva sample. In preliminary testing, the sensors detected and differentiated targeted pathogen DNA and RNA through a digital signal at the gene level.

The biosensors have been incorporated into a portable Bluetooth device intended to enable users to learn their test results in minutes. The process is entirely electronic, with no chemical amplification or reagents. IdentifySensors has begun manufacturing and plans to submit devices for FDA review in 2024. Products developed by IdentifySensors have not yet been approved for sale by the FDA.

“We are excited to see this technology come to life,” said Russ Haslage, the Federation’s president. “This technology will play a significant role in the advancement of medicine. Helping mankind is a cornerstone of this organization.”

About IdentifySensors

BiologicsIdentifySensors Biologics is a digital-diagnostic technology company focused on developing advanced pathogen-detection capabilities. The company’s technology has expanded into multiple industries and applications, such as diagnostics, food safety and sustainability, environmental monitoring and national security.

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About the International Federation of Trekkers

The Federation is a nonprofit organization created with the help of and based on the ideals of Gene Roddenberry as projected into the Star Trek mythos. Taking those ideals into today's world to help others and make the future brighter. IFT has chapters around the world dedicated to public service, charity work and fun.

To contact The Federation, visit their website at or call their offices at 877-365-8735 (TREK).

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