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Meet Ann Marie – Federation Ambassador

In 2010, The Federation introduced the first ‘Face of The Federation,’ Chase Masterson.  Chase blazed the way, setting the bar high as she traveled and promoted what we do here at The Federation.  Making quite the splash as the organization’s first official face, she released her official Federation photo that generated a lot of response.  With less and less time available to devote to her Federation duties due to her growing popularity and busy personal and professional schedule, Chase had to step away.

Warp to October, 2019.  Following a taping of ‘The 7th Rule’ program for the ODYSY Radio Network, Federation President Russ Haslage reached out to Ann Marie, offering her the position of Face of The Federation.  After some thought and consulting with her mother (as we should all do), she accepted the role under a new title:  Federation Ambassador.


A physician living in New York City, New York, USA, Earth, Ann Marie is very active in the ‘Star Trek’ fan community.  (And yes, we have noticed the similarities of the Ann Marie in ‘That Girl’ 60’s television program to our new Ambassador.  Both Ann Marie, both in NYC.)  Her bubbly and outgoing personality make her a perfect selection as the new Face of The Federation.


Since taking the position in October, Ann Marie has been seen at events all over the NYC area, and even landing her a nod as the cover girl for ‘This Month In Trek: New Year, New Trek‘ for January 2020.



Ann Marie will be posting news stories and more as she continues to perform her ambassadorial duties, promoting The Federation and ‘The 7th Rule.’  Stay tuned for more news about and from Ann Marie.

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