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New Image of Saturn’s Moon Tethys (Death Star?)

nnThis week, NASA released a new photo of Saturn’s moon, Tethys.  The biggest reaction from people is how strangely similar it looks to the Death Star as seen in Star Wars.  Saturn has at least 62 moons in its orbit with Tethys only being one of them.nnTethys is dwarfed by Saturn as it orbits the planet, though scientists think the moon is much larger than the bodies in Saturn’s ring system.  The Odysseus Crater spans 280 miles across the northern hemisphere of Tethys, giving it the Death Star like appearance.nnTethys is one of Saturn’s larger icy moons. This photo was snapped by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in November 2016 from a distance of approximately 228,000 miles (367,000 kilometers).

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