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A New Bike for Makenzie

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Makenzie is a smart, ambitious, wild, sweet and silly 8-year-old who has Cerebral Palsy. She loves school, YouTube and being around family, friends and other kids. Makenzie is a big sister of one little sister that is 1 years old and soon she will have a little brother. She loves being a big sister and sticks up for her little sister even when she is doing wrong.

Makenzie is such a sweet and caring person that she tries to stick up for anyone around her that may be getting into some trouble with their parents. She simply doesn’t like anyone to get in trouble including Maribel on the movie Encanto! This bike will be a game changer for her as we do not spend much time outside due to the lack of accessible activities for her. Unfortunately there aren’t any REAL accessible parks near us that offer anything more than an adaptive swing in which we cannot utilize due to it being a 2 person transfer and it not having a safety harness to help hold her up.

This bike will help bring her joy and help her feel more independent and included during time spent outside. Not to mention it is good physical therapy! Thank you so much for helping make this happen for her!

Help us give Makenzie an extra special gift for Christmas.

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