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The Federation Releases Statement on the State of the World Today

As I watch the news from so many sources, I grow increasingly concerned about humanity and our future. I see so much hatred coming from all sides. As a student of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future, it is easy to seem that humankind is on the wrong path toward a better future.

So many today respond to world events solely with logic or solely with emotion. The human condition requires a balancing act. As we have seen in the past (not to mention in various Trek episodes), we need to mix emotion with logic to find the best solution.

The world today is far from the utopian vision of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of ‘Star Trek.’  In his science fiction universe, humanity has overcome its divisions and conflicts, and embraced a culture of inclusion, acceptance, logic, and emotion. Star Trek shows us a future where diversity is celebrated, where reason and compassion guide our decisions, and where exploration and discovery are the highest pursuits.

However, the reality we face today is quite different. We still struggle with inequality, intolerance, violence, and ignorance. We still face threats from climate change, pandemics, nuclear weapons, and authoritarian regimes. We still have much to learn from the ideals of ‘Star Trek,’ and how to apply them to our own world.

On the other hand, we should not lose hope or give up on our potential. We have also made some progress in areas such as human rights, democracy, science and technology, education, and health. We can shape our future positively if we follow the ideals we have seen in ‘Star Trek.’

I urge everyone to open their hearts and minds to accept and respect the views, ideas, opinions, and experiences of others. Put aside emotion and logic alone and use all the information available as well as your feelings equally and allow them to mix as we find a way through today’s mire into a brighter future. Our future depends on it.

Russ Haslage, President, International Federation of Trekkers, Inc.

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